Ultrasound, Muscle Stimulation & Spot Massage

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Ultrasound, Muscle Stimulation 
Spot Massage

Spot Massage: This is a massage that is entirely geared towards the specific problem area you are experiencing. This is where we will focus with a short massage the relax the area. We then will do ultrasound and follow up with 15 minutes of Electrical Stimulation. 

Ultrasound is used during treatment sessions to reduce edema, promote tissue and fracture healing, reduce pain, decrease muscle tone/muscle spasms, increase range of motion, increase circulation and remodel collagen. 

Therapeutic ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to generate tissue vibration that creates heat in the treatment field. Secondary effects from the production of heat include increasing blood flow to tissue, which delivers important nutrients and removes waste. When receiving ultrasound, the therapist uses a coupling medium (gel or water) to transmit sound waves to the treatment area. 

Electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation is the application of electrical currents to specific muscles through strategic placement of electrodes. It is often used for neuro-muscular reeducation and decreasing pain through nerve blocks, atrophy and muscle spasms while increasing range of motion. It also reduces edema through sensory stimulation. Often, therapists use combined modalities to maximize results. Four specific results that are often strived for through the use of ultrasound and/or electrical stimulation include: Managing contractures/increasing range of motion, managing pain, increasing strength and training muscles to increase continence.

Pain Management Both ultrasound and electrical stimulation can be used to decrease pain. Ultrasound can increase circulation and blood flow to effected areas, decrease pain, as well as edema and muscle tightness. Electrical stimulation can be used for similar symptoms and for completing a nerve block. This reeducates the sensory systems to interpret input properly and reeducate pain receptors.