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Stress and Diet

The consequences of stress is often uncontrolled eating or poor eating habits, which of course leads to weight gain, and can lead to a cycle of depression and poor health. This is true whether the source of stress is from a major life changing event, or is the result of a build-up of personal events. For those of you who tend to react to stress by eating more, it's very good  to focus on some positive reactions that won't lead to a cycle of unwanted weight gain. 

There is no question that having a massage makes you feel great. Even having a deep-tissue, sports massage makes you feel wonderful afterwards. Massage can relieve stress, help you recover from hard physical activity or injury and even reduce anxiety, but can it help you to achieve your weight loss goals?

By manipulating the muscles, a massage therapist can set off a chain of events that, more often than not, result in many positive health attributes.

Metabolism is the furnace that keeps your engine running. After a certain age your metabolism can slow down. This sometimes results in weight gain. Regular massage sessions can boost your metabolic rate–jolting it to burn fat faster and help utilize your food intake turning it to energy rather than fat. If you are young, then massage can maintain your fast moving metabolism before it gets sluggish. This does not mean that you do not have to watch your diet but that a combination of healthy food, daily exercise and a weekly massage can be an excellent recipe for losing weight.
If you are finding it difficult to apply your body to a workout regime due to muscle soreness and joint pain, then this would make it easy to stop exercising. A lack of exercise may cause you to pack on the pounds. Fortunately, a massage regiment can reduce muscle soreness by removing toxins such as lactic acid that can build up and cause pain.
Post-workout soreness or injury can also be alleviated considerably. Massage brings oxygenated, vitamin- and mineral-rich blood to the the muscles faster. This boosts reparation and enhances everyday activities including exercise. In addition, range of motion when stretching or lifting is also improved. Pain free exercise means that you’ll be able to engage in the activity more often and be less susceptible to weight gain.
Many studies claim that massage can actually burst young roaming fat cells causing them to release their fat causing content and be removed from the system. These claims may have some merit but are yet to be substantiated.
Getting a massage once or even twice a week on an ongoing basis will enhance your weight loss program and quality of life considerably. Getting a massage even twice a month can help too.

Here's a few rules to help you keep it simple:

1. Try not to skip meals
2. Try to eat at the same time each day
3. Remove stress from your life
4. Remember diet & exercise 

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